Security Training

Courses at the Security Institute Brisbane

Since 1995 we have been delivering high quality security training from our Brisbane campus. Our honesty, integrity and professionalism along with our broad expertise and technical training have positioned our organization as the preferred security trainer for many employers.

Our Security Courses

Whether you start with the Certificate II in Security Operations, Close Personal Protection Bodyguard or more advanced training in Weapons, Defensive Tactics or Security and Risk Management – the peak of the security industry; we have a course that will suit your needs!

Ready to start?

Why the Security Institute Brisbane is the best choice for your training

  1. Quality training is essential for you to step confidently into a successful career. You will graduate from the Security Institute job-ready with a level of professionalism and competence that is high in demand.
  2. Innovative learning programs, student focused teaching and up to date training give you the edge.
  3. We balance theory and practical learning. Don’t expect to be fast forwarded through the training with boring computerized modules. Role-plays, scenario training, demonstrations, group discussions and field trips will keep you involved and absorbed.
  4. Class numbers are kept to a minimum so that you will receive quality training in a relaxed and personalized environment.
  5. Our friendly instructors are highly qualified to prepare you for an exciting and challenging career in the security industry. First hand experiences are conveyed through years of knowledge acquired as security guards, crowd controllers, bodyguards and operators of security firms.
  6. We offer a wide range of learning streams to suit your needs… from entry level courses… to the pinnacle of the security training, the Certificate IV in Security and risk management.

Quality and Service First

To offer quality our company understands that you are entrusting us with the training that you require, so we put quality and service first. We value each one of our students so we do not cut costs by cutting corners. Each one of our students, and the training courses they attend, are given our utmost care and attention.

Practical Learning

Our courses provide a thorough balance of theory and practical learning.

Our Instructors

Our Instructing staff are highly qualified and have many years of experience in firearms and the security industry.

All instructors hold a Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training. They are all qualified instructors for the Security Licensing Course in Queensland. Various Instructors hold accreditation and licenses in QLD, NSW and VIC as Weapons Instructors and Defensive Tactics Instructors. Read more here on our highly skilled instructors.