Our Organisation

The Security Institute is the best choice for your training, from the Certificate II in Security Operations, Firearms Training or the Certificate III in Security Operations  –  we have a course that will suit your needs.

The Security Institute was established in 1995 and since then we have been delivering training at the highest level. Our honesty, integrity and professionalism along with our broad expertise and technical training is combined to offer you top quality, up to date and industry ready training. As a truly independent training organisation, we are not involved in providing security manpower. However Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich firms readily seek out and accept our certifications.

Today’s Security Professional

The profile of today’s security guard extends far beyond that of the average bouncer. Well trained security personnel need to possess effective communication skills, provide quality service to customers, work well as part of a team and adapt to a variety of situations.

Graduates from the Security Institute Brisbane can offer their employer a level of professionalism and competence that is high in demand. That’s why the Security Institute Brisbane is the best choice for your training.

History of the Logo

The ‘star’ logo of the Security Institute represents the star or badge of law enforcement. The inner circle of the star represents the wheels of justice. The eight points of the star and inner circle represent the principles of the modern security officer being: justice, courage, truth, etiquette, self-control, benevolence, loyalty and honour, derived from the Code of Bushido. The laurel around the star originates from Ancient Greece, and represents a crown of wild olive leaves awarded to the best and most worthy. The laurel is also used by many law enforcement agencies and the United Nations, representing the “olive branch” of peace – through law enforcement.