Cash In Transit and Security Firearms Courses

Cash in Transit and Firearms Licensing Courses

Ready to update your qualifications? Complete the Cash In Transit and or Security Guard Firearms Licensing Course with us 

Complete both the Cash-In-Transit and Security Guard Firearms Licensing Courses and be qualified to work as an armed security officer!

You will be provided with the highest quality and most effective training available. Our firearms instructors are fully qualified and use personal experiences to enhance their teaching. They have been actively involved in the security industry for a number of years in areas such as armed guards, cash escorts etc. Students will handle Revolvers, Semi-Automatic Pistols and Ballistic Vests during the course of their training. The training involves a combination of theory, practical and scenario based learning.
You will be trained in the Tactical Options Model, fundamentals and safety of shooting, immediate action drills, operational survival and live range practice. You will also gain knowledge of the QLD Weapons Act.

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