quoteimg Just wanting to thank you for the course and can you pass on to Geoff my thanks as well please. It was an excellent course and I got a lot out of it. I will definitely use you again and will recommend you to anyone that asks about courses. It was run very professionally and Geoff is an excellent instructor. Once again thank you. (completed CPP Bodyguard Course)

 Rafe Maclennan-RD Investigations and Surveillanc



Done Cert II, CCP,batons and handcuffs and coming back soon to do the cash in transit and firearms. I have worked security all around the world am I am certified in 3 different countries with 22 years experience from the military to private security. I have enjoyed the course’s so far and would recommend anyone, whether new to the industry or moving between countries to do your training and personal development through the security Institute. Great instructors with real knowledge base, with a “no bull” attitude. Don’t get caught out with training providers who are cheeper and 1 day wonders, go to the best.

Ted G


This course has been one of the most valuable practical courses I have attended. There is direct relevance to on the job work…

Garth R.

The course was professionally organised and presented in a way that was conducive to positive learning. I feel confident in the skills that I have learned through the comprehensive teaching techniques employed by the Security Institute.…


I was extremely favourably impressed by the course content, the manner of presentation and the manual which was issued to attendees. Like most former police and security persons I was somewhat reluctant to attend yet “another course” however, as indicated, the one you provided was very worthwhile and gave to all those attending, both experience and uninitiated, an excellent perspective of the prevailing security culture.

Graham P. OBE
GM, Deputy Assistant Commissioner (Ret) NZ Police.

Now that I am in a position to evaluate prospective employees for our business, we have high expectations of the level of training they must have received. As a result of this, we find that very few candidates are trained to the levels present at your Institute. Therefore, without question, we prefer Security Institute graduates.

Director, Investigations & Security company

Excellent instructor and ability to relate material to real life situations. I’ll be back to do Level 2

Brendon M.
Company manager

“Well worth the money. Thoroughly enjoyed the 3 courses. Didn’t expect it to be so demanding”

Jamie G. Tasmania

I was particularly impressed with the effort and sincerity of the instructors. Thanks again for the bodyguard course. Please advise of the next level

John B. SAS

I was impressed by the complete professionalism … It was immediately apparent as to the high level at which your students would graduate. As an employer, I was pleasantly surprised to find a training institution that went a little bit further to ensure that their students would be ready to go straight into the workforce. It is because of this that we, International Protection Agency, will use and recommend the Security Institute as our training provider.

Peter J, CEO IPA
Bodyguard, Security & Investigations