Certificate III in Security Operations

Certificate III in Security Operations

Security Institute’s Certificate III in Security Operations— is a Qualification that offers a wide spectrum of employment outcomes! This course is ideal if you are looking at a greater range of employment opportunities in the industry.

Licencing Course:

Your instructors goal is to provide you with the information and skills to become an effective and efficient security professional.

More jobs are now requiring their applicants to hold a Certificate III in Security Operations. If you are looking at moving to a supervisory role, a Certificate III may be required. Enrol in this course today and be on your way to becoming a leading force in the ever growing security industry!

On completion, you will be able to apply for both a Class 1 Security Officer Unarmed licence and a Crowd Controllers licence.

Advance Course:

This qualification is designed to give the most employment opportunities in the security industries. It is a combination of the Certificate III Licencing course with the Cash in Transit and Firearms Licencing course added on. This will complete your training as a security professional and maximise your opportunities.

Upgrade Option:

This qualification offers you the flexibility to be a stand alone course or as an upgrade to add to your previously completed training. By completing additional core and elective units, you will be able to achieve a full cert III in Security Operations Qualification.

When you have completed the above, you will be awarded with your full Certificate III Qualification!


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